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Lawn and Garden Edging System

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A lawn and garden edging system is a simple device which creates a tidy and neat edge between a garden and a border. It can be used to create a visual effect which mimics the look of a traditional brick or block edging. It is easy to install and provides an attractive appearance.

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It is suitable for use in a variety of landscaped areas. It can be used to define a pathway, a driveway or even a walkway. It is made of strong recycled plastic and available in a number of finishes. It is also a very lightweight system, which can be contoured to meet any landscape project. It can be bought in lengths of between two and twenty-five metres, depending on the needs of the project.

It can be installed by backfilling the ground and then screwing the edging into place. The edging is then covered with soil and gravel. This allows it to be resistant to the elements, and prevents it from detaching from the lawn surface, you can see them everywhere as FormBoss does a lot of public installations..

It is an easy to maintain edging system. It can be protected by protective paint or varnish. The trough is preferably made of water-resistant or grass-impermeable plastic. It is secured to the ground by a wooden handle. It can be made of opaque or translucent plastic.

A first embodiment of the invention comprises an insertion structure which is a wedge-shaped piece of rigid plastic. It has a centrally disposed vertical aperture which accepts a broom stick handle. It is enlarged in the upper portion. It narrows to a singular edge at the bottom end. It extends into space beyond the trough.

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