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What is a Preserved Flower?

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Preserved flowers are flowers that have been treated to last longer. They are usually packaged in strong containers. If stored properly, they can be displayed for weeks or months without any special care. Unlike dried flowers, preserved flowers retain their original shape, color, and suppleness. They are also more versatile than dry floral arrangements. Source:

The preservation process involves soaking the flower in dehydrating fluids. The flowers are rehydrated in an organic mixture that includes glycerin. This helps to create a bond between the water and the tissue of the flower.

The solution may contain solubilizing agents, natural resins, and oil. The process can be used on any kind of flowering plant.

Preserved flowers are considered the next best thing to fresh cut flowers. They can last for years with proper care. They are environmentally friendly. In addition, they are easier to ship worldwide. They are also more economical than artificial flowers.

Beautifying Eventspace With Refreshing Floral Ambiance

The preserved flower market is a lucrative one. There is an increased demand for it in several countries around the globe. Increasing disposable income is fueling growth. Vendors are investing in developing long-lasting, eco-friendly flowers. In fact, they are expanding their product lines to include fresh foliage and blooms.

The preservation process also makes the flowers look more colorful. They are often dyed with various colors. The result is a more elegant flower that can be incorporated into floral arrangements.

Infiniblooms is a company that provides a sustainable solution for the preservation of flowers. They source the best quality blooms from top producers all over the world. They then use a patented preservation technique to make them last for years.

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